The Urological Laparoscopy European School was founded in 2005 by the Dr. Ignacio Castillón Vela.


EELU Director

Dr. Ignacio Castillón Vela trained as an urologist in the Jiménez Díaz Foundation of Madrid (1993-1998). Looking to enlarge his training in laparoscopy he moved to the National Institute of Transplantation in Los Ángeles, California, where he complete a 2 years fellowship on kidney and pancreas transplants, with special dedication to the laparoscopic nephrectomy of the living kidney donor. His desire for this technique took him to develop clinical studies which had the priviledge of being accepted for their presentation in the American Society of Transplantation congresses (2000, 2001) and gave rise to his doctoral thesis “Minimally invasive alternatives in the nephrectomy of the living kidney donor: The role of laparoscopy” with which he recieved his Doctor degree of Medicine and Surgery by the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid in November 2001.

In recognition of this experience and his educational vocation, the European School of Urology invited him to participate as guest profesor in the kidney transplant courses in the Anual Congress of the European Asocciation of Urology in Madrid 2003 and Viena 2004, giving lessons such as “Laparoscopic nephrectomy of the living kidney donor.

His concern about learning the different laparoscopic techniques has been

Constant, getting him to participate in specific courses, in the Surgery European School of Paris (Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy) and the

EITS (European Institute of Telesurgery) of Strasbourg(Laparoscopic colposacropexia), and complete training stays in the main laparoscopic euopean urological establishments, the Mutualistic Institute Montsouris of Paris (Teacher Vallencien), the La Charité Clinic of Berlín (Teacher Loening) and the San Agustín Clinic of Burdeos (Teacher R. Gastón).

His educational vocation and his commitment with training as the esential ethos in medicine took him to promote the Urological Laparoscopy European School creation  in 2004, starting the laparoscopy courses in 2005.

Since his return to Spain in 2001 he has worked in different hospitals including the Jiménez Díaz Foundation of Madrid, the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona and the General Hospital of Segovia.

From 2004 to 2008 he was responsable of the implementation of laparoscopic surgery in the Urological Service of the Fuenlabrada hospital in Madrid. Between 2008 and 2012 he became director of the laparoscopic program of the Urological Service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid and member of the robotic surgery team of the establishment.

Since 2012 he occupies the post of expert on this área in the Urological Service of Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda, eith special dedication in general urology, urological laparoscopy and urp-oncology.

His is also a member of the Urological team in the Torrelodones University Hospital of Madrid.

Dr Castillón takes part actively in the academical activity of the Spanish Urology Asociation and the robotic and laparoscopic Spanish Society (SECLA), Dr Castillon is reviewer for national and international journals as Spanish Files of Urology, Urology, Journal of Endourology and others.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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